I’m a Technical Artist focused on AR/VR/MR with a deep passion for creative compelling visuals and experiences that connect with people.

In my 10+ years of experience, I have often worked on small teams
facing lots of unknowns and tight deadlines: from the fast-paced world of
TV advertising to the infinite possibilities of Mixed Reality, I am well
versed in various content production pipelines and can wear a lot of hats
to help my teams excel.

Specialties: AR/VR, Look Development, Content Workflows & Asset Production, Shading, Technical Animation, Rigging

Software: Unity (C#), Maya (PyMel), Zbrush, Unreal, Substance Painter/Designer

More-Than-Software: I’m effective at collaborating and communicating across disciplines with creatives, artists, engineers, and PMs. I love to learn new tools and techniques, enjoy teaching others, and work hard to bring an inclusive approach to design and development.

When I’m away from computers, I like to spend lots of time outdoors with my partner and our two dogs. I dabble with music, and sometimes it’s great to unplug and do some good ol’ fashioned sketching.

I’ve also played hockey my entire life, and volunteer as a coach for local youth teams. I like to think that the game has taught me a lot about hard work and pulling together to accomplish big things, and I try to carry that with me in my professional career.

Dogs Playing in a 12-hour hockey game. Playing in a 12-hour hockey game.